Rocktober Lindy Workshop Weekend Columbus, OH ~ October 18th - 20th, 2013

Bring out your inner rockstar!

Intimate Workshops with fantastic instructors 

Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg 
Jenny Shirar & Christian Frommelt
- Mark Calkins & Shannon Varner

Outstanding Music from

Robert Bell & The Hot Swing Combo 

Plus, amazing evening dances, late nights, and competitions including a Jack & Jill. Check out our schedule!

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Rocktober 2013 Details

You guys! Registration is filling up fast and we are so excited to see you! The Rocktober 2013 Committee (Binaebi, Mark, Gail, Daniel, Josh, Shannon, and Anna) is working hard to make sure your experience is optimal. We've gathered a collection of restaurants and parking options to make it easy for you!

View our Google map, Rocktober 2013 Locations + Parking + Food for easy access to some of our favorite parking and eating locations near the workshops and dances.

Columbus Marathon on Sunday

We're working to make sure our event doesn't conflict too much with the Columbus Marathon, which will bring around 18 000 people to downtown Columbus. Our Sunday schedule will reflect this so we have parking options. Please be on the lookout!

1-670 E / 3rd St from 315 S

You will NOT be able to get off at the 3rd St exit from I-670 E due to construction. Use Cleveland Ave Exit 4C, head South to Broad St. Head West on Broad St to reach the YWCA and Ohio Theatre for workshops.  

Housing Closed

Housing has closed, you may still request housing through the housing email address below; however, assignments will be made based upon availability, and special requests will likely not be able to be fulfilled after this point!

IMPORTANT HOUSING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We could still use another couple of hosts, so if you are able to offer some space in your house for our out of town dancers PLEASE let Rachel know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Volunteers, Check Your Emails

Requests to volunteer from this point forward should be sent directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Those of you who are registered and said you'd like to volunteer... if you still want to sign up for your time slots, you have until Tuesday Oct 15 at 11:59 PM. Or, please let Binaebi know via email if you're no longer interested in volunteering. She'd hate to assign you a spot if you can't make it!

Hey everyone, here's a blog post by our very own Shannon Varner giving us a brief history of Rocktober, and what you can expect in a couple weeks! Take it away, Shannon!

In 2009, SwingColumbus had the idea to put together a weekend workshop event. However, as we looked around at what was being offered at most workshops, we wanted to do something a bit different. One question we asked ourselves was how do we offer our dancers something to really take their dancing to the next level?

We decided to offer intensive study so students could delve into the mechanics of the dance and use that knowledge to unlock the next level of Lindy Hop.

Audition Level

The Audition Level is designed to be a small group willing to challenge everything they know about Lindy Hop. The Audition Level is selected via a clip of their recent dancing. We take the relative top level of the auditions received, and develop the class based on this. Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg have been instrumental in helping develop this intensive. They have such vast experience, command of the material, unlimited creativity, and a joy and passion for sharing the love of Lindy Hop.

We look for a solid level of dancing as well as a good grasp of Lindy Hop basics, creativity, and a willingness to work hard. Kevin and Jo, recent inductees into the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame, have done a fabulous job creating an intensive that challenges what you know, gets you to break down your dancing, and build it up again from the basics. They tailor the class to concepts you need most, and will give you the tools so once you leave this weekend, you can practice and develop your dancing on your own. Get ready for an exhausting, challenging, and rewarding weekend, Audition Level!

Open Level

The Open Level is crafted so dancers can explore the techniques and philosophies of Lindy Hop. This level is comfortable with the basics, but not everything you try on the social dance floor works as you envision it. This level will allow you to have a chance to see the mechanics behind the moves and spend a bit more time in one style of thought so you can understand the motives behind the moves. Christian Frommelt and Jenny Shirar will explore their style and share their philosophies on Lindy Hop with you.

Christian and Jenny helped put the Midwest on the map for Lindy Hop—showing off their energetic St. Louis style and holding their own at the 2012 Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. They also manage a fantastic event of their own: the Nevermore Jazz Ball. Will we see you there?

Novice Level

Our very own Columbus-based Lindyroos, Mark and Shannon, will be teaching the Novice Level. This level is intended to give you solid Lindy Hop technique to get you swinging out. This level is ideal for folks just starting out in Lindy Hop—maybe you've seen this at NYOHS and want to learn more about it. Perhaps you have been learning Lindy Hop and want insights into the elusive secrets of the basics. Mark and Shannon will break it down for you and have you confident on the dance floor.

Dances Only?

If you don’t have the entire weekend to devote to working on your Lindy Hop, you can still join in the festivities. Come by the dances, either Friday or Saturday night, or both, at the Lincoln Theatre. There is a Jack and Jill contest, some special performances, great social dancing and a fantastic band, Robert Bell and the Hot Swing Combo from Minneapolis!

So bring your inner Rockstar and dance with us the weekend of October 18-20!

Requests to volunteer for Rocktober 2013 will close with housing at 11:59 PM Friday October 11!

For every hour you work, you get $5 refunded from your registration fee. You can volunteer for a maximum of THREE slots.

First round of volunteer slots will be released today, Thursday October 2, so get those Rocktober registrations in!

We are no longer accepting videos for followers for the Audition Track. We are looking for leaders for the Audition and Open Tracks, and followers for the Novice Track. Those followers who have already submitted videos for the Audition Track as of Wednesday, September 11 will know their status within the week. Thank you for your patience!

There have been questions about volunteering and housing for Rocktober 2013. Please note, certain pieces of information are not visible on mobile phones due to our content management system. We apologize! We have altered the website to show content either in the blog, or on the appropriate pages. 

Volunteer Info

If you would like to volunteer for working the door, helping setup or tear down, please fill in the appropriate information in the registration form. In appreciation for your help we will refund $5 of your weekend registration fee in cash for every hour that you volunteer. Thanks in advance, we couldn't do the event without you!

Housing for Rocktober

When you register for Rocktober the form includes the opportunity to request or offer housing. If you didn't request/offer at the time you registered then please contact our housing coordinator at housing AT swingcolumbus DOT com.

Hey Rocktober rockstars, the pricing and registration details are now available!


Registration for Rocktober 2013 opens at 6 PM EST on Friday July 12. 

Please note for the Audition Track, you are required to submit an audition video via our online form (desktop only). Please add rocktober AT swingcolumbus DOT com to your contacts list to ensure your audition confirmation email isn't sent to your spam box!

If you are doing the Open or Novice Tracks, no audition video is required. You can register and brag to your friends about the early bird pricing you snagged.


The first 20 registrants per instruction level will receive early bird pricing!

If you are a local SwingColumbus member, there is a $10 member discount. If you are a student, there is a $10 discount.

We are also offering dance-only passes this year! 

And don't forget about the Jack & Jill contest! Wouldn't you love to compete to the great Robert Bell & the Hot Swing Combo?

See you in Columbus this October 18! We're starting the night right with DJs and Robert Bell!

Rocktober 2013 will include THREE workshop tracks this year since last year was such a blast!


This workshop will be auditioned via YouTube video submissions and selected by committee to ensure there is an even 20 leads and 20 follows in the class. The committee is looking for dancers who are beyond the advanced track and matched for optimal intensive learning conditions. The audition workshop includes 10 hours of instruction with Kevin and Jo.  


This workshop is not meant for new lindy hoppers. You MUST have a solid swing out, be able to complete a lindy circle and swing out from closed position in your sleep. This workshop is capped at 25 leads and 25 follows for a balanced experience. The open workshop includes 8 hours of instruction with Christian and Jenny.


The novice workshop does not require an audition. It is meant for dancers wanting to perfect their swing out and other lindy staples. This workshop is capped at 20 leads and 20 follows for a balanced experience. The novice workshop includes 6 hours of instruction with Mark and Shannon.

Instructors Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg are confirmed for the Audition Track!  Rocktober 2013 will be Kevin and Jo's 5th year teaching at our event in Columbus.  Make sure to send in your audition video soon!


We're bringing Christian Frommelt and Jenny Shirar from St. Louis, MO as our Open Track instructors! And you Novice Track students will be happy to see our very own Mark Calkins and Shannon Varner there to get you swinging out in no time!

Dates have been announced for Rocktober 2013!

Friday October 18 thru Sunday October 20, 2013 

Keep checking on the website for more information as the Rocktober volunteer committee sets up this great event for you!

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